An easy solution to critical challenges

less air less packaging

Save cost: less “air” and less packaging

StackAssist saves cost by making sure you do not pay for sending “air”. Sending less volume will lower transport costs, accompanied by using less packaging materials.

stackassist software access

No more last minute surprises

StackAssist tells you the number of boxes, pallets, weight and volume the moment orders are placed.

This helps you in planning FTEs, warehouse space and transport effectively, on your side and your customers’.

first time right

First time right

StackAssist shows your people how to load in the best possible way. Time loss caused by manual inching and pinching belongs to the past.

Everyone can stack

Everyone can stack

You no longer depend on the experience of your senior employees. Via visual instructions employees get directions in a simple way. The result is more flexibility among your workforce.

reduce transport damages

Reduce transport damages

StackAssist takes special product properties as "this side up" and "do not stack" into account. This minimizes the number of transport damages.

satisfy customers reduce returns

Satisfy customers & prevent returns

Your warehouse employees can impossibly know all specific demands concerning products ánd customers.

StackAssist takes customer requests into account and makes sure every customer will receive its products in the way he wishes.

receive orders proactively

Receive orders proactively

Use StackAssist already when you are on the phone with your customers. Give them proactive advice on the best mix of their order.

Prevent unnecessary half full pallets, boxes and containers. This minimizes transport costs for you and your customer!