Always the best fit

StackAssist evaluates all possible loading scenarios of your orders in the background in no time. In this way the powerful StackAssist algorithm guarantees the best load for every order.

First priority is minimizing the number of packaging units, afterwards an optimal use of the available volume is ensured.



When you have an order with 116 boxes that have to be stacked on 3 possible pallet sizes, StackAssist first checks on which of the available pallet sizes all products will fit. Next StackAssist will choose the pallet on which the most products fit, taking into account on which pallet the amount of unused space is the lowest.

This can result in e.g. 2 different pallets on which all boxes are stacked while optimizing the used space.

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StackAssist goes further

plan in multiple steps

Multi stage loading

StackAssist combines the different loading steps to create an efficient plan for your complete transport.


set product limitations

Product limitations

StackAssist makes sure products are loaded only in the way they can be loaded.


manage customer requests

Customer requests

StackAssist makes sure every customer will receive its products in the way he wishes.


load the best sequence

Loading sequence

StackAssist groups products that have to be loaded together and puts them in the right order.