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In most companies order picking is one of the most labor intensive processes in the warehouse. On top of that it is also a crucial process: every mistake gets directly to the customer. Therefore it is very important that these processes go as efficiently and flawlessly as possible.

How does the order picking process go?

Single-order picking is a technique that is frequently used. All orders are picked one by one. This means that order pickers fully complete an order and pack it into boxes or onto pallets before they start picking a new one.

Pick to cart

When the number of articles increases, also the walking distance of the order pickers increases. The walking becomes the activity that takes the most time and at the same time adds the least value. Pick to cart is a technique that improves the efficiency of the order picking. Multiple orders are combined and picked in batches.

Pick to box

The Pick to box principle takes it one step further. The picker takes multiple boxes into the warehouse and products are placed immediately in the box that they will be shipped in. This eliminates another step from the process.

This sounds ideal but you have to be able to determine the right size of the shipping boxes on beforehand. Next to that the operator has to be able to fit all products into the boxes in the right way.

StackAssist in combination with Pick to box and Pick to cart

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In the first place StackAssist can help you determine the box size in which every order needs to be packed. In this way it will certainly fit and eventual repacking is prevented.

Next to that the most efficient loading of products into the box can be instructed. This not only helps the picker to make everything fit, but also makes that the shipping box is as small as possible and contains the least "void space" (air).

Finally it is known on beforehand which products are in which box, so the total weight can be predicted. When the weight is measured after the order picking, you directly know if there has been a picking error.
Important for this to be possible is that the product master data is correct of course.

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