Our customers say

The number of transport damages has decreased considerably since we make use of StackAssist to load products on “mixed pallets”. Products are now always placed in the best spot.

S. de Graaf, Transportation analyst

StackAssist is an ideal addition to our WMS. Now the orders are visualized and forwarded to the warehouse directly when they come in. There it is also used as a picking list and packing slip.

H. Seuntjens, Application manager

By using the visual instructions from StackAssist my staff does not lose time with thinking about how to stack the goods on the pallet. Also restacking belongs to the past. Together with the loading instruction for the trucks this results in an enormous time saving.

E. de Jong, Manager Distribution Centre & Transport

Being able to tell our customers how much boxes and/or pallets a shipment contains in advance is superb! We can see directly what the transport costs will be and what to charge to our customers.
Formerly we could only do this after everything was picked.

J. Engelen, Transport planner