Smart Customization: StackAssist always fits your logistical process

Tools for loading optimization are often designed for standard situations. When you have specific demands or wishes it quickly gets very difficult or you have to go for a fully custom solution with the corresponding price tag. StackAssist has a smart and affordable solution for this, working with a core and a broker:

StackAssist logoStackAssist exists of two layers. The inside layer is the strong core where the calculations take place. An advanced algorithm for efficient loading and evaluating all kinds of loading scenarios. The algorithm takes product dimensions and stacking and shipping demands into account. Around the core a second layer is programmed, the broker. In this layer your own specific company situation is translated into the 'StackAssist-language'.

Smart and affordable

By using a core and a broker, a custom solution can be created in a smarter, faster ánd cheaper way. The broker is in fact a translation table that creates a seemless connection between the data from your systems to the StackAssist core and vice versa. In this way adjustments to your systems and the StackAssist core are not necessary. This saves time, costs and you automatically take advantage of new developments and added functionality to the StackAssist core.

Example from the flower sector

A recent example is from the flower sector, where they work with so called fust codes. These codes indicate the floor size of the packaging of the flowers or plants and serve as a communication method between supplier, auctions and customers. Moreover, flowers and plants cannot be stacked, but are transported in carts with adjustable shelves.

flower sector
Example of specific customer output in the flower sector

When our customer from the flower sector switched to StackAssist, employees did not need to adapt their working methods. They could still enter fust codes into StackAssist. The broker translates them to the corresponding length, width and height in the background. Next to the fust codes, the loading sequence is very important in the flower sector: First flowers, then plants. Also this demand is stored in the broker.

The broker has been put around the StackAssist core. In this way our customer always works with the latest version.


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