Predict the number of pallet spaces in complex situations

Bart van Dijck, project manager at FPC, didn’t have to think twice about what he thinks is the most important added value of the new StackAssist Multi Stage module:

“It makes sure that you immediately know how many pallet spaces you need, also in situations where this is hard to estimate.”

“In practice often an estimate of the transport volume is made. The more complex your load, the more likely it is to make mistakes. This causes booking too much pallet spaces, or even worse; having to arrange a transporter last minute when you need more than estimated.”

Different scenarios

“The most obvious situation is an order with a large mix of products. This makes it very hard to make a good estimate of what the volume, weight and load meters of all pallets together will be. The Multi Stage module calculates in 1 go which boxes have to be on which pallet and how they fit best in the trailer, or even trailers."

"Because you are able to do this calculation immediately after the placement of an order you can immediately book the precise number of pallet spaces you need. No more unpleasant surprises!”

“We also often see a situation where both full and half full pallets are being picked. It is not clear which ones can be stacked on top of each other. That’s why pallets are only placed next to each other just to be sure. By setting up StackAssist in the right way this can be taken into account. Result: an even better use of the available loading space.”

“But there are also other situations where the module is of great help. One of our customers ships large products together with small parts for assembly, e.g. screws and bolts. The boxes with the small parts are being picked in 1 outer box. This is fitted in together with the larger products on one of the pallets. In this way nothing is forgotten and no loose parts are lying around in the loading space.”

In practice

“The most important challenge in developing the StackAssist Multi Stage module was the translation to a workable solution. There are numerous tools on the market that simply don’t fit to the complex practical situation well enough. You can set everything nicely per order, but when entering settings takes too much of your time you will overshoot your mark."

“Where StackAssist is different is that a lot of settings are well adjusted and linked to each other. This makes the calculation of almost every complex practical situation possible.”

An example of how a multi stage load looks in StackAssist:

Total overview of the order:

Detailed instructions in multiple steps:

The StackAssist Multi Stage module is part of the StackAssist Pro version.


Do you want to know more about StackAssist and our Multi Stage module, Bart van Dijck can tell you all about it.

Bart van DijckBart van Dijck
Project Manager FPC




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