Plan in multiple steps

3 stappen optimalisatie

1. Box optimization

Often first an order is picked existing of multiple smaller products that have to be loaded into a box.

StackAssist chooses the best fitting box or boxes for the order and calculates the optimal loading of the box.

Furthermore the software chooses the smallest possible number of boxes and empty volume in the box(es).

2. Pallet optimization

Orders that exist of multiple boxes usually have to be stacked on a pallet.

StackAssist chooses the best fitting pallet or pallets for the order and calculates the optimal pallet stack.

Thanks to this option the smallest possible number of pallets are needed and the unused volume on the pallet(s) is minimized.

3. Load space optimization

Do you take care of your own transport?
Then you would like to know how to load the pallets into the loading space of your container, trailer or truck. StackAssist minimizes the number of transport units needed and optimizes the use of loading space.

Do you outsource your transport?
Then you want to know in advance how much loading space or pallet locations you need to book. With StackAssist you already know the number of pallets your shipment consists of when planning it.

If wanted, StackAssist takes the delivery sequence into account. This makes sure that the correct load is up front when unloading.

Also for specials

special loading optimization
StackAssist does not only do this for the standard box, pallet and container steps. Also when using special products and packaging this “multi stage” calculation works.