Box stacking and pallet loading – How can I professionalize?

Bad stacking of boxes and pallets can lead to disastrous effects

It seems so basic and easy: efficiently and properly stacking boxes with products, on a pallet or in a container. Often, this is left to employees with knowledge and experience in this field. As it turns out, errorful stacking can lead to small, but sometimes also huge problems:

stacking boxes on pallet error
inefficient plane loading
wrong pallet stacking supermarket
inefficient container loading on a ship
More and more companies see it can be, and has to be done more professionally and are looking for (automated) solutions. Not only to achieve packaging volume reduction, but also to improve predictability and professionality of stacking. FPC has a solution for this with StackAssist: from the efficient filling of a box, to stacking boxes on a pallet and loading containers and trucks. The web-based software not only determines the smallest total volume, but also gives matching box stacking instructions.

Box stacking and pallet stacking with StackAssist

StackAssist is a unique software package: it is an advanced pallet stacking application that calculates with product specific demands and features like roll, form of the products, weight distribution, temperature .... Next to that it also takes into account customer specific demands and wishes like maximum pallet size, maximum stacking height, and this for every destination.

Box stacking instruction - StackAssist

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