Nobleo improves efficiency of consolidation

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This time: Anton Hendriks, Process Improvement Consultant at Nobleo Manufacturing


Efficiency of consolidation

The efficiency of the unpacking process at a hightech supplier did not go completely as it should. The company delivers advanced technical systems worldwide. These systems are shipped to 1 address, from where different modules are distributed to different locations within the organisation. An important goal in the project was to reduce the number of MOAs (Missing on arrival).

To optimize the process Nobleo Manufacturing and partner FPC were involved. Nobleo Manufacturing is a consultancy and engineering company in the area of industrialisation cases.

Consolidate on pallet level

Useing the LAMDA method from the LEAN method (Look, Ask, Model, Discuss, Act) Nobleo mapped the complete packing and unpacking process and analyzed the installation process.

Conclusion was that an improved consolidation on pallet level (in the same order as the installation process) would be of great help. This problem was dealt with by introducing a sorting of the parts on mounting process. This sorting is also used for picking and to put the stack of products on pallets. Thanks to StackAssist this entire process was optimized in a short amount of time.

Positive test results

This new method of packing and stacking brought a lot of advantages:

  • Reduction of the number of transportcollis with 30%
  • More structured unpacking process, with timesaving of 2 hours
  • Faster picking of parts by sorting on mounting order
  • More control over packing and unpacking

Extending the role of StackAssist?

The picking process in the warehouse was improved by introducing StackAssist and is much more efficient now. The next step the company wants to take is to also use StackAssist for the efficient loading of containers and trucks.

The collaboration between FPC and Nobleo manufacturing gave the hightech supplier many advantages. At an internal global contest for innovative solutions this idea even ended in second place.

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