Case study: 37% saving on transport costs

SKB Europe distributes American plastic and aluminium cases all over Europe and is based in the Netherlands. They send numerous shipments on a daily base. For this they make use of a large number of transport companies which each have their own transport tariffs and demands. Moreover larger customers like Bax-shop and Amazon also have…
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Nobleo improves efficiency of consolidation

Our customers tell... This time: Anton Hendriks, Process Improvement Consultant at Nobleo Manufacturing   Efficiency of consolidation The efficiency of the unpacking process at a hightech supplier did not go completely as it should. The company delivers advanced technical systems worldwide. These systems are shipped to 1 address, from where different modules are distributed to different…
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Box stacking and pallet loading – How can I professionalize?

Bad stacking of boxes and pallets can lead to disastrous effects It seems so basic and easy: efficiently and properly stacking boxes with products, on a pallet or in a container. Often, this is left to employees with knowledge and experience in this field. As it turns out, errorful stacking can lead to small, but…
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