The most user friendly tool on the market!

The neat user interface and 3D visual output make StackAssist very easy to use.
In a few simple steps you get to the optimal load plan for your order:

4 easy steps

Upload your order

3D visual output

Step by step instructions

Output in any form & on any device

StackAssist load plans are available for print, e-mail and download.

It can be displayed on PDA and tablet PCs so you can communicate directly to the warehouse floor.

StackAssist tablet or PDA

Connect your ERP / WMS / TMS in no time

Make an API connection between your ERP / WMS / TMS system and StackAssist and your orders are directly available from the StackAssist dashboard.

Read how our API works >>

StackAssist order dashboard

Access everywhere

We offer StackAssist via the SAAS (software-as-a-service) principle:

  • Access StackAssist everywhere without installing software
  • Work everywhere and every time with the same and latest version of the software
  • Easily connect suppliers and customers
  • Unlimited users
StackAssist SAAS