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Connect your webshop in 3 simple steps

A webshop means buying from a distance, so products that need to be packed and shipped. Connecting with StackAssist does not only offer the added value to do this as efficient as possible, it is also more simple than you would think. Step 1: Determine what you want to automate Most of the time we…
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Predict the number of pallet spaces in complex situations

Bart van Dijck, project manager at FPC, didn’t have to think twice about what he thinks is the most important added value of the new StackAssist Multi Stage module: “It makes sure that you immediately know how many pallet spaces you need, also in situations where this is hard to estimate.” “In practice often an…
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Smart Customization: StackAssist always fits your logistical process

Tools for loading optimization are often designed for standard situations. When you have specific demands or wishes it quickly gets very difficult or you have to go for a fully custom solution with the corresponding price tag. StackAssist has a smart and affordable solution for this, working with a core and a broker: StackAssist exists…
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Automatically take customer demands into account while loading

Bart van Dijck, project manager at FPC, is very happy with the StackAssist Exception Module. A module of StackAssist that automatically calculates with special situations at customers and carriers. We asked Bart when this is useful and why it is such a unique addition. "For a lot of customers and carriers a standard stack on…
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