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Calculate the most efficient loading of your box, pallet, container or truck
and start loading immediately following the delivered visual instruction.

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StackAssist® takes it further

StackAssist® minimizes transport costs, calculates with special product properties
and can cope with transport units like train carriages, airfreight containers,
volume trailers, combitrailers, and many more...

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Efficient packing, stacking and loading with StackAssist®

“By using the visual instructions from StackAssist my staff does not lose time thinking about how to stack the products on a pallet. Also restacking belongs to the past. Together with the loading instruction for the trucks this results in an enormous time saving.”

Benefits of StackAssist

Cost savingLess packaging, less empty space and less errors... First and foremost StackAssist saves cost by applying the principle of volume reduction. When you need less boxes, pallets or trucks, the logistical or transport costs will, of course, be lower.

Also restacking, and therefore extra handling, belongs to the past because the instruction coming from StackAssist immediately points out the optimal way of loading.

Finally StackAssist can cope with special rules, limitations, preferences and customer specific demands (pallet height restrictions, no boxes sticking out of the pallet, maximum pallet weight, etc.). This will reduce cost concerning returns and damaged or unusable products.

No investment costsNo software installation, pay per adviceStackAssist is a SAAS (software-as-a-service) solution. You do not have to spend money on licenses and you do not have to install and maintain extra software. You will work with latest version of the software everywhere and everytime.

Furthermore StackAssist charges you per stacking advice / load plan so you do not have sky-high entry- or investment costs.

Planning your resources efficientlyStreamlining the logistical processIncreasing pressure on margins forces companies to streamline their logistical processes in order to become more cost effective. Focus is on reducing transport costs that typically account for up to 75 percent of the total logistical costs.

The economic use of packaging and transport units plays a critical role - first the choice of suitable boxes, then the creation of the optimal pallet stack and finally making maximal use of the available loading space. In all phases, costs will be saved by streamlining work methods and reducing the use of packaging and transport units.

StackAssist supports you with planning your order picking, stacking and loading. The system delivers clear instructions for the workplace regarding the work planning and execution. It provides you with a reliable load plan for the trucks which helps you to plan efficiently. Herewith the number of FTEs can be planned effectively, the order picking and loading time can be minimized and the relevant transport costs can be reduced.

Increased productivityRight the first time!StackAssist stacks and loads as efficient and effective as possible. Every stack results in the most efficient order, independent from who is stacking, thanks to the advanced algorithms. The software can calculate more stacking options when wished for.

Time loss caused by manual inching and pinching belongs to the past.

Flexibility amont the workforceEveryone can stack!In order to use StackAssist no training or in-depth knowledge of the software is required. Via visual instructions employees get stacking instructions in a simple way. The result is more flexibility among your workforce.
Less transport damagesNot every product has the same strength... Transport damages (or DOA's) occur when vulnerable products are not packed carefully enough.

StackAssist can take special product properties as "fragile" and "do not stack" into account. This minimizes the number of transport damages.

Flexible input and outputManual input, upload, download, print, e-mail, API...StackAssist is flexible in the areas of data input and output. Furthermore you can link with external systems via API.

You can also upload a CSV or XML file with personal data such as your product information and packaging alternatives. Direct synchronisation with your material assortment (WMS, TMS, ERP) is one of the options.

Regarding output: 3D visuals, picking lists and loading plans for print, e-mail and download are available.

Continuous improvementData analysisDuring the processing of tasks StackAssist collects data on the background. On request our StackAssist experts can analyse this data together with you. Thanks to this extra service, you have the opportunity to continuously optimize your processes.
Satisfied customerThe bigger your customer base, the more diverse the demands Your warehouse employees can impossibly know all specific demands concerning products ánd customers.

With StackAssist you are independent of the knowledge and experience in the workplace and every customer will receive its products in the way he wishes.

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